Investigation, Brainstorming 

Before the stage of brainstorming, I researched on the product in order to figure out why I work on an ad campaign. Also, it helps define its competitors and get as much information as possible for the campaign. As for my brainstorming process, which usually engages in word lists and quick drawings, I utilized the data from internet sources and opinions from people, who I asked to try the product, in order to know how the consumers feel and think about it.
100 design thumbnails 

Based on the investigation and the brainstorming, students were asked to develop 100 design thumbnails. Headlines and tag lines were focused as well as the visuals. 
3 Final roughs and Creative brief 

Then, we were asked to select five design thumbnails that show the concept better than others. As a small group of the class, we selected three roughs out of five, and submitted them and the creative brief, which defines the target audience, the reason why the product needs an ad, and what I want consumers to 'get' from the ad eventually.
Final Design

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